Masters Pool 2022

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st Place - $745.50 - Tom O'Connell
2nd Place Tie - $532.50 - Randy Berres
2nd Place Tie - $532.50 - Mike Williams
4th Place - $213 - David Helgeson
5th Place - $106.50 - Jayne Hagman
Thanks to all participants.
Our next PGA pool will be for the PGA Championship - May 19 - 22.

$10 Entry Fee. 100% Payout in MVGC Gift Cards.

RULES: Choose 10 Golfers.  Need 7 to qualify. The Scores from your Top 7 Golfers Will be Used.
Tie-Breaker: We will use the next lowest “non-counted” scores.

The top 5 finishers will be paid out in MVGC Gift Cards.
1st – 35%; 2nd – 30%; 3rd – 20%; 4th – 10%; 5th - 5%.
All Entries Must be Received by Wednesday, April 6th.

As in the past, you are able to submit the form,
but your entry isn't completed until you go to the online store and make the payment.
Please do not enter if you are not going to pay the entry fee.

Remember to make your payment on our ONLINE STORE if you submit an online entry.

If you would like to drop off the entry form at the clubhouse or mail it in with a check instead,
CLICK HERE for printable entry form.

Thanks to all who participate.  We hope you enjoy the friendly competition.