Wall of Fame

Mid Vallee is proud to have a great group of season pass holders who help promote our fine course. We also have many wonderful golfers who participate in various tournaments and special events here throughout the year. With 27 holes and 8 par-3s, we also have many golfers who reach one of the highest achievements in golf....a Hole-in-One!


Next time you are in our clubhouse, take time to check out the Wall of Fame in the side bar area near the pro shop.  This page of our website is also dedicated to showcasing these wonderful individuals and their special accomplishments.


Thanks for choosing Mid Vallee for your golfing pleasure & congratulations to all the members of our "Wall of Fame".


Robert Ruonavarra ~ 8 Red ~ 10/2/22
Gerry Ebben ~ 6 Blue ~ 9/29/22
Chris Blazek ~ 5 white ~ 6-29-22
JohnMueller ~ 8 Red ~ 6_25_22
Ze Vue ~ 8 Red ~ 6_7_22
Josh Steckling ~ 1 Red ~ 5_28_22
Ken Hibbard ~ 5 white ~ 6-26-22
Bill Larsen ~ 8 Red ~ 6-30-22
Ken Laux - 5 White - 7/12/22
Casey Wagner - 8 Red - 7/21/22
John Mueller - 8 White - 7/30/22
Steven Grooms - 8/9/22 - 1 Red
Nick Ducat ~ 3 Red ~ 8/20/22
Tom Smejkal - 8 red - 9/8/22
John Clark ~ 1 Red ~ 9/10/22
Jim Kostreva - 5 White - 9/15/22
Bob Schuurmans - 8 Red - 9/19/22


Official tracking of Hole-in-Ones on the website began in 2005. Congratulations to all the golfers shown here, as well as those who have gotten a Hole-in-One at Mid Vallee in the past. 


Click on each year to view the list of golfer who earned their way into the Hole-in-One Club.

You may be the next lucky golfer to join our Hole-in-One Club. 
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JoEllen Jahnke & Ze Vue - Gross Winners
JoEllen Janhke, Tom Pintar, Jared Hazert, and Ze Vue - Net Winners
Lo Lee - Senior Gross, Paul Hartjes and Terry Vercauteren - Senior Net

Club Champions

Each year, we hold a tournament for all our current season pass holders in order to crown our "Club Champions" for the year. Click on each year to view the photos of that year's club champions.

Click Here for a List of Past Club Champions


If you are interested in becoming a season pass holder and would like to have a chance at being crowned Mid Vallee's next "Club Champion", check out our fantastic season pass rates.