Thanks  to all who participated in this year's pool.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Mitch Schaeuble - 1st place

Troy Theis & Jeffrey Vaessen - 2nd place

Brian Baciak - 4th place

$10 Entry Fee. 100% Payout in MVGC Gift Cards. RULES: Choose 10 Golfers from the Field Below. Place an X in the box to the left of each choice. Need 7 to qualify. The Scores from your Top 7 Golfers Will be Used. Tie-Breaker: We will use the next lowest “non-counted” scores. The top 4 finishers will be paid out in MVGC Gift Cards. 1st – 40%; 2nd – 30%; 3rd – 20%; 4th – 10% All Entries Must be Received by Wednesday, June 12th.

If you would like to drop off the entry form at the Pro Shop, click here to download the PDF.
Have any questions?  Contact Mid Vallee Golf Course here.