June 4th at Dusk - Night FlingGolf

Additional Event Date: Friday, July 9th, August 6th, Sept 10th

As fun as it is to play “FlingGolf” on the course during the day, it is even more fun to play it in the dark!

Join us for a night of flinging fun with a 4 Person Night Fling Scramble, an after-dark game that everyone will enjoy.

SHOTGUN START using this

5 HOLE ROTATION: 1 White > 5 Red > 7 White > 8 White > 9 White

This event is using FlingSticks®, not golf clubs. It is also WALKING ONLY. No power carts allowed. If you are new to FlingGolf®, please come early and we will give you a free bucket of balls to practice on the range.

With only tees, flag sticks, and holes illuminated and glow-in-the-dark golf balls flying through the air. Night FlingGolf is an experience you don’t want to miss! For more info on FlingGolf visit www.flinggolf.com

COST: $10 ea

We charge a $10 fee, along with a $10 deposit for the equipment, per person. When you turn in your score cards and return the items, $10 will be refunded in the form of a Mid Vallee gift card.

For more information or to sign up please contact the proshop at events@midvallee.com or call 920-532-6644.

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