NCAA Bracket Challenge

Thanks to all the participants.
Here are the winners:

1st Place - John Seegers
2nd Place - Mike Petersen
3rd Place - Michael Graczyk
4th Place - Craig Bauer
5th Place - Larry Hagman
Winnings can be picked up in the pro shop.

$10 per each bracket entry, can have multiple entries per person.

*All brackets must be turned in to MVGC (attn: Jen) -or- entered online by Friday, March 19, 2021 before tip off of the first game.
*Scoring will be done points per round w/ tie breaker being total points of Championship game.
*No points for play in games.
*Payouts will be 100% in Mid Vallee gift cards: 1st place 45%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 15%, 4th place 10%, 5th place 5%.
*All paper brackets turned in must include Name and Email address.

If you choose the online entry option, you will be directed to the CBS Sports site, as shown below.

If you choose the printable entry option, you will need to either drop the entry off, email it to, or mail it to Mid Vallee Golf Course, Attn: Jen, 3850 Mid Valley Drive, De Pere, WI  54115.

Once you have filled out your bracket, you need to go to the online store to submit the payment(s) or submit your payments along with your printed entry forms.  You can pay for multiple entries at the same time and we will match the payments to the entries.

Good luck and let the March MADNESS begin!!!

Bracket explanation.jpg